Quatro Progress

Working on the lighting and adding some detail meshes.  Lighting is getting closer to how I want it.

Please give us your thoughts on it so far.

The next reviews are also being worked on as well.  Again, please be patient and I’ll have some more reviews posted soon.  Please keep subbing though and spread the word.

All the best


8 Responses to Quatro Progress

  1. DarkSonny says:

    Hey man! interesting map with an inusual archi xd I didn’t know you made this same map in the ut goty ( I liked too once I downloaded to my hdd, it plays very fine for me, good map xd ) Keep going to finish this great map.

    Im looking forward this map for releasing …how will the time become finished to playing with my friends.

  2. Firefly says:

    Thanks for the comments 😀
    Not sure on the time scale but I hope to release it within a month

  3. MinisterFish says:

    Looking good. I think in the 3rd and 4th pics, it’s a little too repetitive along the wall on the right in the 3rd pic and on the left in the 4th pic. The 2nd pic looks kinda of Coret-like and I dig it. It’s hard to tell from screenshots about lighting, because it always renders different than being in game, but looks OK but kinda of dark. You’ve always been better than me at lighting though.

    When I get a little further with DM-Extractor, I want to get your advice on it (and then you can criticize me too). I feel that it’s a little too tight for UT3. It was already cramped for UT, but I was trying to stylize it after the DOM maps of the time.

  4. Firefly says:

    thanks for the complements

    np for the advice and can’t wait to see how extractor’s coming on.
    The lighting does look different in game, more contrasting.

    You’re right about the repetitive walls. I’ll stick some vents or whatever in there.

  5. Ali Amini says:

    look promising.afaik your walls repeat fast and seamles.
    if crane’s in pic 3 moving through the level it would be great.:)

  6. Firefly says:

    Thamks for your comments
    That isn’t a crane just a support for the walkway.
    Come to think of it, it does look like a crane. Maybe I’ll change that a little.

  7. Ali Amini says:

    i think,why you change it? just image a level full of movers,pistons that toss players,roller, crane that pick cargos and goes through level and player may chance to use it to go in other places of level.this would be nice, but you may need some animation sequence that build from out of editor’s mover.
    just an imagination.good luck(shab tab(in my language=firefly);)

  8. Firefly says:

    That would take a lot of work. Maybe for a future map. if players are waiting on and for movers then it breaks the flow

    thanks though

    shab tab 😀

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