New Screenshot

The lighting isn’t final and I know those light cones are the wrong colour.

Hunter has created the basic framework for the new UT Unlimited site.  He’s now creating an Unreal theme.  Things are moving and UTU will be re-born soon.  As far as I know it’ll be the only regularly updated map review site in the community.  If I’m wrong please say so.

Non-UT related link time.  Check this rather different flash game out

Till then


2 Responses to New Screenshot

  1. Cosmix says:

    Cant’ wait for that event! Also as far as I know you will be the only map review side since Inside is suspended. I love UT3 and that situation is strange, isn’t it? Exceptionally because there are some great maps outside.
    I also like the little non-UT related stuff like flash games or interesting weblinks. It freshes the whole thing. Keep it up!

  2. Firefly says:

    Thanks for your comment.
    There are some fantastic maps and mods. The community is lacking focus. Review sites help with that. plus if people see life in lots of sites then that generates energy.

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