Here is the new here

Just a quick post to welcome everyone here.  It’s not quite as I want it yet but now I can focus on just the one blog at the moment.

I’ll make a proper post later today at the usual tme.

Thanks for your patience

Till then:)


2 Responses to Here is the new here

  1. Cosmix says:

    Congrats to your side!
    Many others capitulate and a lot of people digress from UT(3). So it’s a ray of hope to see people like you still working for the community especially if it’s such a famous side like yours.
    In Europe the community is shrinking or still stick to UT2004 and demonize all about UT3. In my opinion this is a dangerous dead-end. If nobody plays or works with UT3 the series will discontinue or end up as an console title for sure.

    Finally I have to say keep up the good work and plz never give up 🙂

  2. Firefly says:

    Many thanks for your support and comments.
    It’s always nice to get feed back, especially this type.

    Maybe you can review for us in the future or help with the site?

    again, many thanks

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